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Snow White and the Huntsman

Description: Snow White fights back against an evil queen, who orders a huntsman to kill her.

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Fans Are Saying...
Well. I thought it was alright. It would be boring to watch it another time though. But graphics were quite impressive and progressing of the plot wasn't completely dull. Of course there were multiple things that I didn't like. For example, killing the eigth dwarf just because the original fairy tale requires just seven of them; perfectly fitting female armor and chainmail that apparently were previously stored in some pesant' closet awaiting the coming of a princess with those exact measurements (and that particular line of thought just now slightly transformed the movie into a crossover with Cinderella and made my head hurt). Okay. I'm going to stop now. Or not. P.S.: The creators must think themselves capable of puking rainbows full of rebelious imagination and fresh ideas just because they switched 'prince charming' with the Huntsman. How cute. P.P.S.: Was that lesbian vibe between the Queen and Snow White intentional? Hm. I don't know.
Looks really good
Awesome love the movie.you rock.