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Cory Angen

A music-listening, movie-watching, gizmo-loving, graphic designing nerd. Originally from ND, currently residing in Minneapolis.
is a fan of 12 tv shows, 11 movies and 3 web videos
TV Shows
Ridiculousness in fine form.
Like Jeopardy!, it's trivia with an awesome host.
Hilarious comedy, but also very smart & informative.
One of the few British shows I really love. Everyone's great.
Hardcore drama with real action. TV should be more like this.
Awesome cultural references and a great comedic duo.
The cast is great, but Jason Segel makes it awesome.
I love trivia. And Alex is a badass.
Original and dark, but with some great humor.
All of the subtle jokes make this show funny no matter how many times you watch it.
So awkwardly funny. Grown to love the entire cast.
Action & comedy at it's finest.
The creators of South Park in a comedy about sports. Winning combination.
If the story didn't blow your mind the first time, you're lame.
Justin Long & Jonah Hill at their finest, in my opinion.
The one movie where I don't see Elijah Wood as a little bitch. Kind of makes me want to go live in England.
Looks & feels very different. In a good way.
My indie guilty pleasure.
The be-all end-all of horror flicks. Timeless.
Classic. Drunk little British dude livin it up in NYC.
Jay & Silent Bob at their finest, in my opinion.
Best comedy of all time. Period.
Web Videos
A father & son combo. He does really beautiful letters and his son tries to copy.
Beautiful blackletter calligraphy.