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TV Shows
I want to watch this from the beginning.
Love Fred Armisen's quirky humor.
This one I look forward to watching.
Love this show. Fascinated by the psychiatry.
I will continue to watch this. It reminds me of the old Upstairs Downstairs, which I also loved.
Love to explore!
I admire these CEOs who get to know their companies and employees from the bottom up.
Love to watch it with my grandson. He's a fan, too!
How many seasons can this go before we find out who the mother is?!
Butterfly Crime Scene: laughed so hard it hurt!
I enjoy learning new terms and customs from other cultures.
I can see where these women would thrive on this lifestyle. I liked Big Love but enjoy this family's real problems and feelings.
An interesting study in human nature under duress.
Meeting Ben Bailey would be worth a trip to New York. I love this show!
I usually find something useful to take away from this show.
Love the political skits. Fred Armison and Kristin Wiig are my favorites. I think they're so versatile
Jeopardy makes me pay attention to life!
I used to avoid this show because it was on three times a week. Now I wish it were on more!
Have seen all the old episodes in tamed-down versions on WGN. Catching up on current season on HBO at my daughter's home.
Started watching Jay for Headlines; i enjoy his humorous spin on the news. He makes me laugh like no other late-night host.
This is such an intense show, but once you're hooked, well, it's addictive. I'm 64 years old, shazam the music, google the terms I don't know. Quite an education.
Intriguing role played by Billy Bob Thornton.
Love ABBA!
I love the Presidents!
Probably my favorite movie. It taught me about African geography and language. I love the people and the humor.