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Scott Eklund

Hi, I'm on Tunerfish!
is a fan of 33 tv shows, 35 movies and 4 web videos
TV Shows
I'm a fringe late bloomer. Finally started this show just last month and I'm already in the 3rd season. This is good stuff
Great tv from Netflix!
This guy can be such a weenie.
I couldn't get enough of this show. Perfect fit for my ass-kicking zen talking alter ego. At least they got a chance to wind up the story at the end. Miss this show.
This was one of the most enjoyable anime series I've seen. I watched the whole thing. Total guilty pleasure! Don't tell anyone.
I started reading the graphic novels a few months before the show started. I was sure to read ahead in case the show might ruin the books. I hadn't needed to. The tv show is great in its own right, and makes some creative choices of its own.
It took me a long time to get to this show. I think if I'd had Tunerfish sooner, it wouldn't have taken me so long!
I love this show. Space cowboys, great drama, hilarious, evil armadas, smuggling and Jane, who just can't get enough firepower. Such a disappointment when it was cancelled. But then they made an awesome movie to tie up the loose ends. Don't miss this one.
Definitely the best mustache on tv :-)
Snipers. Good cops. Bad guys. And somehow every episode had some emotional twist. A new formula from up North.
Fantastic movie. Man vs nature. Good vs evil. Awesome heroine who prefers peace over war.
This movie is from a book by Neil Gaiman of The Sandman fame, and more lately, Coraline. This one isn't quite a kid's story, but rather a playful grownup fairy tale, if that makes any sense. Give it a try.
it's got a script from an excellent Akira Kurasawa movie, but it's still an awesome American western
Guilty pleasure
Conflict, terror, nature vs nurture. But best of all, a kick ass female warrior. I make sure my girls watch this and Nausica.
I love this movie.
I found these on KQED one night and was blown away. How could something this witty and well done be almost forgotten?
I guess I've just got something for John Cusack.
I saw this in the theater when it first came out. In two hours the whole world of aliens and space battles was redefined. In some ways, every space movie since has followed George Lucas's lead.
Family tradition. We watch this at least once a year. Fun book too.
I was so disappointed when the tv show ended. This awesome movie totally made up for it.
Web Videos