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Kensly Lawson

Hi, I'm on Tunerfish!
is a fan of 16 tv shows and 23 movies
TV Shows
Pittbulls are The most misunderstood breed of dog. It's all bout the owner. Not the breed!! Pittbulls are loving & caring beautiful breed!! :-) NOT mean, fighting, & aggressive what-so-ever. It's all in how u RAISE & BRING UP DA BREED DAT COUNTS/DEPENDS!! :-)
I love this show
I Luhhhh dis show!!
Dis one of my most favorite shows Eva.....I absolutely luhhhh dis show!!!
Hillarious NIGGUH! I Luhhhh dis NIGGUH!! Lmmfgdaooo!!
I Luhhhh dis show & luhhhh learning bout a person's Best Friend - DOGS!!! :-)
I Luhhhh The NG!!
Funny & Secksi NIGGUH
I love this show & I looovvvveeee pittbulls!!!! :-) :-) :-)
Vampires are so awesome!! :-)
I love Denzel Washington, he's so sexy!!
Madea is hillariouS!!
Lmao. This movie is hillariouS!!
Madea is soooo hillariouS!! :-) I love madea!!
Tyler Perry is soooo hillariouS!!!
Dis movie is like how I is....:-) Gangsta!!
Bluuuuuueeeee!!! Ur my booooooyyyyyy!' :-) Lmmfaooo
"Daaammnnnn! NIGGUH U got knocked da FUCCCCKKKKK OUT!!!
G movie!! I Luhhhh it!!
Dis is how I be bout some playas
'Whoop Dat Trick, Whoop dat Trick, Get Em! Whoop dat trick, whoop dat trick!'...."u kno it's hard out hurrr FO a pimp wit a whole lotta bitches talkin shit!" - rappin'
Hellllll yuhhhh!!
dis movie & da soundtrack is off da Heeeerzzzzzzyy! Fooooi sheeeezzzzzyy.. I Luhhhh dis movie & da sndtrck to dis movie is OFF DA CHIIIIZZZAAAIIINNNZ!!! Gangsta, I thank!!! Worrrdddd. Bet!