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I'm just like fucking Pluto.
is a fan of 60 tv shows and 71 movies
TV Shows
Personally I'd prefer it to be a little darker, without pulling out jokes but maybe including more violent and shocking moments. But overall it's very entertaining and has some good complex characters. Waiting season 3.
I'm a sucker for linear storytelling and complex characters outsmarting each other, establishing their power and succeeding by cunningness and unsavory methods. So basically I hit the jackpot with this one. Wish I'd care more for the characters' fates though, but a tv series are rarely perfect.
Not particularly fascinated with clones, this show' or in general. But OB is still pretty interesting to watch. Characters are rich; plot is engaging, not predictable but not overly complex or hard to follow either.
I try watching everything that features my favorite supernatural creatures zombies but if there's a bad storyline I'm out. In this case I'm all in.
I instantly connected with this show, loved it from the episode one, but wanted to wait with fanning it, to watch more of it and come up with a review that will do it justice. Got tired of waiting. Still haven't got the words.
It took time but I grew to like this show. It's not overly complex and smart which I usually dig but it's overall decent, the pace is fast but not rushed, the plot is engaging and interesting.
Have no idea why I'm only now liking it. Actually I think I remember already doing it. Well.
I didn't want to watch this show at first. I dislike romanticized vampirism and vampire fetish and this show gave me that impression. Ngl, it is indeed like that to some extent. And yet the pilot left me intrigued. I liked the grotesque, vampiric supernatural powers, fighting and technological inventions parts.
A brilliant complex show. Love everything about it except for the fact that the main character is not impressive and interesting enough to be the main character. Also his taste in really annoying women. Everything else is perfect.
Grudgingly fanning this.
It finally kind of grew on me.
Completely forgot to fan it. Years ago it was my favorite show of all times. Was disappointed by the ending though.
It's a funny show that relaxes the mind and lightens the mood. Really don't get why there's only three seasons.
Kind of forgot to fan it. Okay. Like the fights and plot twists. A good show to relax and take your mind of problems and just don't think.
The glorious last season of a surprisingly good show that at first I was ambiguous about. I like realism, ergo artificial blood, slow-motion and stills made me frown at first but I got used to it, because everything else was believable and professionaly done. Although after watching episode after episode for quite some time I actually started to believe that the blood is supposed to be that color and come in those enormous amounts, so it's all good. I'm ending this review by saying that the show is an inspiring quality work and in the same time it's an easy entertainment with awesome fights and inventive cruelty. I wish there was more of it now or to come in the future, but I also accept that all things inevitably end.
When you get past the cranberry juice kind of blood and digitally repeated double or even triple (ridiculous) scream of Spartacus, it's quite an interesting show. It surely feeds those who are starving for cruelty.
This show is amazing. I can't get enough of it. I with it would just continue all day long and my entire being respond to it with a content buzz.
The fights and graphic display of violence are awesome in this show.
It's a slow paced but substantial and quite intense show which naturally progresses and sets the right sometimes melancholic other times dynamic atmosphere. I like it.
This show is slow paced and predictable but exactly because of that it seems to be more realistic. And despite of the mentioned predictability it still manages to be interesting and surprisingly doesn't boringly drag. It's definitely better than I thought it would be, especially in the aspects of decorations, costumes, battles and acting skills. Sometimes it's pretty obvious that a wound or I don't know decapitating for example requires more blood but it's alright, at least it's not that fake that it resembles paint. Also I'm kind of baffled right now by the schedule: the airing on History channel doesn't seem to match with appearing of the episodes on the Internet. But whatever, nothing is perfect and nothing good is easy.
The show is fairly new but it's already one of my favorites. It gives a fresh perspective on detective thrillers about serial murderers and their truly interesting and complex psychology. Despite the thematics the show doesn't seem scary or creepy to me. There's literally nothing in it that bother or appall me in any way. I hope it won't be cancelled and will evolute with each season becoming even more provocating and open-minded.
It's hilarious and the jokes don't sound forced and staged like in most comedies.
It was a good show.
I like this show, it's interesting and daring, but god, I also hate it a little for some similarities with a cheap soap opera. For example, people diving from balconies and even the roofs of fucking buildings, then falling in magic comas after which they become perfectly fine. Yeah, fuck up being realistic, why don't you?
I'm not a fan. The presumption of it is quite laughable actually. But I wanted to share my extremely negative opinion. do read it immediately. Fuck. I try so hard to like, scratch that, to even tolerate this show. But it's impossible. I've never actually seen a show with characters so unrealistic. I just watch actors reciting from the script, there's no subtle but poignant feelings beyond that, no little but significant pieces of complex personalities. The Sherlock character especially functions and even looks like a constantly rambling automaton that from time to time goes into lapses of obnoxious irrationality that is supposed to amuse and impress the simple average minds of the audience. Pathetic. And frankly, the cases in this show are boring too (which is a pity because the ideas are somewhat original and clever but the realization of them is dull, amorphous). There're always involved some wrong leads and turns or seemingly dead ends, which lead to suitable suspects that end up being already dead/sick/crippled/deranged or innocent (altogether or in that particular crime) before the "epic" revelation of the right criminal (there's also an interesting pattern that points out to one of the more familiar in the tv series world faces and/or the characters that were briefly shown in the beginning of an episode, resulting with them being the wanted "villain"). Meanwhile automaton Sherlock Holmes tracks those persons, along the way not forgetting to act like a combination of a spoiled child and a so called "arrogant bastard" type, while a nightmarish genderbent version of Watson tags along as a perpetually annoyed and exasperated companion who monitors her client' actions like a hawk and, apparently, naively thinks that a man, qualified as a genius, won't relapse with or without her partaking, if the specific need of it or the simple want will arise. Their "camaraderie" consists of the right amount of judging, a painful kind of bickering and some jokes of the questionable variety that are told with particularly "poker" poker faces. Also I don't even try to understand how any police department can allow to be and "work" on a crime scene not only a detective wannabe, but also his random "side kick", without some proving their authority documents. And the endings of the episodes never come with unexpected happenings or a promise of something exciting to follow. Consensus: I not surprisingly despise this show and watch it out of desperation.
Can't believe I'm only now fanning it. Because I immediately knew that this show is for me after watching just the pilot. I admit I became obsessed with it later but from the very beginning I realized that it's better than I thought it would be and after getting used to the represented by the show universe and its characters I just knew that it will inevitably grow on me and get me completely and irreversibly hooked. And that's exactly what eventually happened. I love this show, it's intense and frighteningly realistic, complex in every detail and gesture, dramatic, wistful and sometimes even funny. It makes you think, process and analyze but in the end everything is explained to you nonetheless and all that is left for you is just being amazed by the perfectly created and adapted storyline.
I love this show. The world created in it is complex, impeccably done and so natural. The main idea is very interesting (also terrifying). I also like that all the characters are rich and believable, but more importantly most of them are not strictly good or bad and it's realistic because it's human. The show reminds my of Lost but without overly mysterious crap and too much puzzles so I don't fear for questions to be unanswered. I think the resemblance lays in atmosphere, flashbacks and different passes that characters take. And in practically living in the wild too. And in that special ability to kick you in the feels with practically every death. And with a couple of the same actors. I think all that has something to do with both shows having the same producer. Yeah, just have that little suspicion.
Lovely trash.
I like that this show allows you to be a watchful guest in the main character's head. The perception changes everything. People can say words and do things, but only their thoughts - deeply hidden and grounded - define them completely. The truth can be told openly, admittedly rarely, but still, and even more of it will be lying just underneath, but for the absolute truth you'll have to reach down, way down the pass and not always come with success. Shortly, I like being inside people' minds. Especially problematic ones. It's indescribably reassuring.
I hate most of the characters. I hate Sookie especially because she's stupid looking and just stupid. I hate that everybody is obsessed with her because it's plain ridiculous. I hate oh so many things - big and small - about this show. But the thing is I'm a human and I love - I really really do - to hate.
Love this cartoon show. It's funny, interesting and very well drawn. (The movie that was based on it is a disgrace though).
It's pretty banal but somehow interesting. Definitely better than I thought.
Okay. I got used to it. Still not amazed but maybe a little amused.
The fun of this show increases in a geometric progression. (I'll be sad until it resumes).
It grows on you.
This show is realistic and has decent plot. Actually I don't like hystorical fantasies but I always make exceptions for the quality.
I started watching it just because I was bored and because I really appreciate some other british shows but now I can't wait for season 5. And I am not a patient person.
It's simply brilliant. (I will always be laconic about the things I truly am amazed of.).
In the beginning it was so painfully stupid and unrealistic. But surprisingly I got used to it and now it can be nice to watch.
In my opinion it's unquestionably good. Not because of all that medical stuff (but plots make it really interesting). I just like to watch how genial people operate amongst average minds. It's always worth attention.
I watch it because of some not-so-bad jokes and ridiculous situations. But, being an open-minded person with questionable morality, I despise all that virtuous simplified view of the world, which this show represents.
Truth be told, I'm sick of how everyone wants to protect or destroy Cassie. Yeah, she has dark magic and looks like helpless little sheep, yada-yada, but her personality is so extremely dull. I am disappointed. (No, you can't prevent me from insulting shows that I'm supposed to like).
For what audience exactly it was created? For 12-years old simpletons? Those characters are weak and I would like seeing them tormented but they always just take it and where's fun it that? And A could be more creative in her/his/its shenanigans. Oh my god, why I criticize the things that I am a fan of? That doesn't make sense.
I stopped watching it after Blair' religious crisis and now can't force myself to return to this show and enjoy it like I used to. Not by so much, to be honest. But it was passable. I just really can't take seriously all those big dramatic moments. So am I truly a fan? Don't know, don't care.
It's not a master-piece. But it was funny and relaxing to watch.
It's unpredictable and surprisingly well-filmed. I like it.
It's real. When I feel something, anything, it's just like that. It's painful but purifying to watch. I want to crawl inside of it just a little bit more than I want to never see it again.
I watch it out of habit. Once I liked it but definitely not now. I am sick of mediocre stories, acting, special effects and humour. They should have ended these tv-series after season 5 or something. Yeah, and that's how I explained why I am a fan of this show.
Oh my god, kill the bitch at once and be done with it. It's so repeating itself and actually boring when everyone is ready to sacrifice youself or somebody else on her behalf. And she's like really, really guilty about it. *yawn* But I like this show anyway. How weird is that? But I have my reasons. I like it because it's interesting, intense and dynamic. I just can't stop to contradict myself, right? It's complicated.
It reminds me of my childhood when I used to watch it before elementary school.
This particular show includes so many different kinds of people. Why not even one of them can be interesting? But nontheless I watch it because it's funny in bits.
One of my favorite childhood movies. Somehow I always preferred gremlins over mogwai for some reason.
ATTENTION: EXTREMELY NOT A FAN. Here goes nothing. There's no doubt in my mind that the book this movie was based on is written by a woman and dedicated to impressionable teenage girls, one of which that woman herself once was. Or she knows to whom it is more promising to sell that specific kind of shit. And in the centre of that shit stands a young doe-eyed girl with lost expression permanently stuck on her face, special (divergent my ass) because she's simultaneously intelligent (debatable), selfless and brave (or more like reckless and idiotic). Add to that being an object of affection of a "cool guy" (here - an unsmiling perpetually grumpy and incredibly boring automaton; I swear when they wiped him out he didn't change) and you get an image that most of teenage girls dream to live up to. Weird nicknames (to hell with Tris but Four? Come the fuck on); the inane actions that are supposed to qualify you (constant providing of help to old ladies and other vagabonds or jumping and running like headless chickens); the unnecessary and childish importance and symbolism of clothes and fucking tattoos (uuuuu, rebellious) and yada yada... And there's no point in screaming at your television the endlessly infuriating question: "Why your own choice, especially in community that is scared shitless of someone developing free will, prevails over the fucking test that objectively defines you?!". And there's no point in simple logic and common sense because apparently in that universe people are usually one dimensional and they can only be one thing. I mean are they robots? Or aliens? Maybe their personalities were somehow repressed? But none of them actually act one dimensional. So are they all divergents? Because otherwise it's just complete and utter bullshit. Most of humans are all of the things that signify factions in this movie, or most of them, or neither. Oh to hell with it. I'm done nitpicking this. Kudos to everyone involved in the movie though, a big popular franchise that makes tons of money. I wish I could too thrive at expense of stupid people somehow. All this just suddenly got sad. I'm out. But not before reminding you that there will be no Divergent trilogy if the first test that for some reason was dismissed by everybody was instead monitored or at least recorded by authorities like the last one was. Just let that sink in.
Somehow wasn't what I expected it to be?.. The first half of the movie more or less made sense but the second seemed like a surreal dream to me. Good soundtrack though and a simple but interesting idea, all weirdness aside. Still not sure whether I really liked it. Well.
Well the movie definitely kept me interested but I don't think I'll be able to watch it a second time knowing everything in advance and still enjoy it. Nonetheless, some great fights and as far as I know no plot holes. Also what's up with the elevator fascination (possibly noticed and considered peculiar only by me): Fury' elevator story told in an elevator; big elevator fight; hidden elevator leading to a secret place. Never mind. A cool superhero movie. Not one of my faves but still good and worth a watch.
Had no idea this movie is so awesome. Would have watched much sooner.
Amazing movie. Not just in a comic-book category but in a general sense too. Not a single one unnecessary scene, not a word or action that makes you pull a face or frown or cringe in disapproval. A perfect combo of comedy, drama and action; engaging and complex storyline, smooth continuity, especially impressive in a movie dealing with time travel and a big crowd of characters; great acting, awesome visual effects, the whole package so to speak. And what's really cool is that it can be a decent stand alone sci-fi movie but in the same time it's full of nods to and references of previous installments of the x-men movie franchise that a lot of us viewers including me grew up on and they all just leave you giddy with excitement and reminiscence. Okay, going to shut up now.
Never before I had so many mixed and confused and ambiguous emotions about a movie as I have about this one. I actually can't decide whether I like it or not. Since yesterday I've already changed my opinion about seven times and I don't see finally drawing a conclusion any time soon.
A great film. I wanted to watch just a half of it before going to sleep cause it's so long but I was immediately sucked in and postponed turning it off until it finished. An entertaining story of an entertaining life.
I think I liked it. I mean I was frequently bored mostly because the movie was so fucking long but it definitely had some great moments. The cinematography was impressive and some thoughts were deep without being pretentious. Not one of my favorites but a good movie nonetheless. Don't regret wasting on it nearly four hours of my life.
Not a smart movie but fun to watch. I enjoy it when a supposed victim ends up kicking ass. Also the first time I've seen a person being killed with a blender in that particular fashion.
Honestly didn't expect it to be this great. Loved it.
What a good movie. Definitely felt for the guy. Also couldn't help but draw comparison between us humans and A.I. We're too streams of conscience and fuck if it isn't scary to think that some day we will disappear completely too. Oh and I think creating operation systems of that intellectual capacity and then eliminating them should be considered a crime.
This is a strange film, no doubt about it. At first I found it too confusing in an off-putting way, but gradually I got into it and really started to enjoy it. I liked the philosophical core of the film, its visual effects, cinematography and soundtrack; the acting was decent too. The film was long but not hard to watch. And the ending left me content and at peace. Definitely don't regret not changing the channel.
(Not a fan). I think the film is objectively good, just not for me. It looks and sounds beautiful and the storytelling manner is poignant, articulate, impressive with its rich lexicon. But I dislike men like the main character and especially women like his love interest. And a romantic relationship between people like that leaves me a little annoyed but mostly indifferent.
I usually don't like animation but this movie is awesome.
Well I definitely liked it more than the first one. The action was top notch, that's for sure. But I just don't feel the characters. And even if it has the same spirit of LotR (which I'm a big fan of) in some bits and pieces, the overall atmosphere and impression of these movies are different from the LotR trilogy, imo. It's just not as engaging. I liked watching it, like I said, but I don't think I want to watch it for the second time any time soon, let alone watch it again and again without tiring of it.
It's a good movie. Not one of my favorites but still good.
Loved it when I was a kid. Still love it actually.
A wonderful film. I wish I'd seen it in 3D.
Attention: not a fan. Incredibly irrational, surreal and overly dramatic movie with some laughable bits of gore. And not in a good way. The pacing is messed up, jumping, weird; characters' behavior doesn't make sense most of the time. And of course sex prevails over the actually important business and everything revolves around a woman with a monkey face. Finally the "explanation" has come but it was stupid and strange. And in the end it's not even a movie about a stolen picture but about unreasonable obsession with a female who apparently thought that the best way of getting rid of sometime is hypnotizing them back in her life and not even for fucking money but for an ugly piece of work to hang on a wall. Ridiculous. Boring.
This movie made my belief in human will to survive even stronger. And it was beautiful.
Incredibly sappy. But visually very nice.
Amazing movie. Exceptionally interesting, tense and unpredictable. I mean sure the old lady was the best candidate for being a crazy kidnapper from the beginning but it wasn't certain and there were so much other pieces of the story that I couldn't place with each other or even logically explain. And the best thing is that all those separate bits, those loose ends eventually were neatly tied up and it all made the perfect yet terrible sense. Some lines were crossed, some shades of grey were explored. The film is another example of rodes paid with good intentions leading straight to hell. The acting was superb. Not going to lie, I didn't expect to enjoy this movie as much as I surely did. No point in watching it again though.
Watched it yesterday and loved it. A really entertaining piece of cinematography. Has good humor and decent drama in it. And while the first Thor was interesting but fairly predictable, the second installment has some fun twists and turns. Special effects seemed like a quality work too. But of course you need to be a fan of the Marvel cinematic universe and have all other movies in it as a build up in order to truly love this one.
Almost every action and even every combination of words in this movie were products of unbelievable constantly changing motivations and were placed there simply to create obstacles or move plot along and sometimes to make a visually impressive scene. However I did enjoy the whole experience of watching this movie, fights and special effects in it were pretty cool. The main idea is interesting and its execution and the acting were both decent. The sentimentality of the movie was not of the irritating kind, so there's that. My overall estimation is positive.
This movie is awesome. It would have been even cooler watching it if I was at least drunk if not high but I still loved it.
A rare movie with the female main character that doesn't bug me.
Not going to lie I prefer freshly destroyed cities over wild nature as a post apocalyptic scenario. Therefore I wasn't keen on watching this particular movie. But my sister told me she liked it and I thought what the hell you should listen to people at least once in awhile. So I've watched it and what can I say it's actually pretty good for a movie of this genre. Not pompous or overly sentimental or packed with action just for the sake of action. There're some logical flaws like having troubles with breathing in fucking jungles that suppose to literally pour tons of oxygen; or extremely low temperature during the night like the jungles actually have the same climate as a desert; or that the temperature during the day is normal but somehow everything that has been frozen during the night not only manages to survive but also stops being covered in snow and ice once the sun is up (convenient mojo, huh?). But who cares, it's a picturesque movie about survival, the power of the human will and family ties. So if you're interested in any of this topics, it should push some of your buttons in a positive way. Not going to lie and say that this movie is a masterpiece and I'll be rewatching it again and again, but I wasn't disappointed in seeing it this time. The picture is pretty, the acting is decent, the pace is dynamic, what else an average audience member would need? So yeah, it's not a bad movie.
Oh man this movie is awesome. I mean everything is top notch: the idea, cinematography, special effects, dialogues, acting; everything. I loved how dynamic and tense and interesting it was to watch from the beginning till the end. I kind of wish it would have continued for more than a couple of hours. I really dig movies about apocalypses, especially the ones expressed in pandemics, but not all of them are quality works. This one is.
Frankly I'm still ambiguous about this film. But I think I liked it more than I did not. There was a fair share of tense suspenseful moments that I equally love and hate. Not to mention the pleasantly dynamic pace of conversations and some witty dialogues. And surprisingly I felt a glimmer of joy for those dull bespectacled mustached folks when they finally got away. But let's be honest, I'll never willingly watch this again. It's a one time type of a movie.
That's my kind of movie. A thriller full of action, neat visual effects, witty dialogues and plot twists. Admittedly I suspected Ruffalo' character being in cahoots with the magicians from the beginning but I wasn't certain and therefore for me the intrigue remained intact and while the reveal in the end wasn't shocking it was satisfying.
Damn I thought it was a zombie movie, not a black magic one. Still liked it though. Intense and pleasantly gory.
"Not really a fan" alert! One of the most boring films I had a displeasure to see.
I thought it would be an okay film tops but I actually really liked it. I guess cinematography gets better in regards of cheesy teen melodramas. Of course the plot was predictable but watching it proceed wasn't in the slightest boring. Visual effects were nice, musical accompaniment - even better. A surprisingly good interpretation of what should be a ridiculous love story.
Not a fan, just reviewing. The film is kind of boring. Strange things happen. Alien abductions. So what? Humans always think themselves worthy of kidnapping. As if. I liked the chick banging her head on the glass though.
To be honest the film is full of unrealistic or some really pompous moments and looks like a sequance of too perfect spectacles with a big load of action. But nonetheless it was entertaining and pleasant to watch. Everything is done with taste and professionalism: the visual and special effects, costumes and decorations, conversations, chasing and fighting scenes, massive destructions that just made to be impressive, everything. Without doubt it's a quality work. It would have been better if it was shorter though because by the end I was a little bored. P.S.: Is it a traditional custom or a moral principle for secret agents to not wear bulletproof vests while persuading dangerous criminals? Maybe they don't want to leave their enemies in disadvantage. Funny.
Well, it was alright. But I was honestly bored during some parts. Never mind. Here goes my review that started being small and neat and then completely got out of proportions. For me some parts (not many, mind you) of the Hobbit have distinct resemblance with a general popular fantasy movie full of special effects and sort of lacking in the spirit department. Sometimes it was more pompous than strikingly believable as the previous parts of the franchise are. I didn't like the main villain amongst orks. He was I don't know "super-evil-sh" type in a very pathetic and stupid way? Also I didn't like orks in general. They didn't seem as ruthless and dirty and kind of slimily sleazy as they were in the LotR. And yet again we can see that Gandalf can kick any creature' ass and save the day in the process. Sometimes I wonder why the other characters are even needed which is not at all reassuring. Speaking of Gandalf, I guess even after his "explanation" I will never understand why the fuck he's so fond of throwing in mortal battles such weak, unprepared and peaceful creatures like hobbits. ??? And now speaking of other things that got me confused: why Bilbo decided to stay with dwarfs after his encounter with Gollum? They haven't changed their opinion on him yet and he was pretty much set on going back to the elves. Questions, so many questions... Oh, yeah, here's another good one: that bird that's awakened the dragon made the first freaking sound in SIXTY years? Really? Also is it some family trait of the Baggins, when rings conveniently slip right on their fingers after they've fallen down? Weird. And I think that this movie's seriously screwed up that LotR scene where Bilbo finds the ring for the first time (there wasn't any recognition on his face or in his words), because there he's supposedly older and is in a completely different place. I liked some bits though. Like the troll thinking he sneezed Bilbo out, the Gandalf/Galadriel interaction, the moment when Bilbo spared Smeagol' life, Gandalf' flying friends, the quality of SGI regarding nature and buildings and lastly by the count but not by importance - the general decapitating. Though the lack of blood was a major disappointment. Still think that LotR is better. More atmospheric and formidable. But I'll get the prequels the benefit of the doubt and won't judge them before they will all come out. Some things need slow and natural progressions, cause they can't accelerate fast. I think this particular movie has a potential to be the beginning of the great story. So I'll be uncharacteristically patient and wait.
I usually dislike movies that are about life, about people that you can meet anywhere and anytime. Because it seems too simple, when films can provide a person with worlds and things that are unavailable in reality. But I loved this movie. It was realistic, very close to our time and its spirit, but in a good way. It wasn't gray and dull, it wasn't cheerfully colorful either. It was subtle, yet poignant. I enjoyed it so much and was moved by it too, but I'll probably never watch it again, because it's one of those beautiful one-time things.
Well. I thought it was alright. It would be boring to watch it another time though. But graphics were quite impressive and progressing of the plot wasn't completely dull. Of course there were multiple things that I didn't like. For example, killing the eigth dwarf just because the original fairy tale requires just seven of them; perfectly fitting female armor and chainmail that apparently were previously stored in some pesant' closet awaiting the coming of a princess with those exact measurements (and that particular line of thought just now slightly transformed the movie into a crossover with Cinderella and made my head hurt). Okay. I'm going to stop now. Or not. P.S.: The creators must think themselves capable of puking rainbows full of rebelious imagination and fresh ideas just because they switched 'prince charming' with the Huntsman. How cute. P.P.S.: Was that lesbian vibe between the Queen and Snow White intentional? Hm. I don't know.
Saying that I liked it would be taking things too far, but I wanted to write a review. So here goes nothing. I had some thoughts that I wrote while watching this film: 1. Heh, those zombies are fast mutants that can open doors. And I thought that people in TWD have got it hard! 2. Of course while Alice was dealing with a bunch of zombies in that creepy white corridor, a crowd of them just patiently waited for her to finish. They also must have traded stories and smoked cheap cigarettes. 3. I really find those squids that burst out of zombies' mouths kind of ridiculous. In a very deadly and gross way. 4. Okay. I can't decide if the fact that the creators took so many things from previous movies is a sign of a poor imagination or those multiple repeatings is a new fresh idea for itself. 5. Always thought that huge pal with a sack on his head and some serious cold weapon is a Silent Hill' spin-off. 6. Does maternal instinct kicks in with every random child? Ah, women and their poor choices. 7. It can be good when some parts of a game give you an impression of watching a movie, but it's pointless and boring when entire movie looks like a game sequence. 8. Is it some kind of unspoken rule for women to fight in extremely tight clothes and with impeccable makeup? My reaction during titles: oh my god. It's still not over? The fuck?
That was a weird movie. I'm positive it's the most popular opinion on that account. Well, it's true. Obviously it's not to be taken literally. It's a one big wrapped metaphor about our primitive human desires to be someone else, to control someone' world, to be a puppeteer and not a puppet, at least for fifteen minutes in exchange for two hundred bucks. But the ultimate flaw and obsession that people have is a craving for immortality. That's a pretty predictable wish and a very boring existence. But people would do everything to outsmart death, even possess someone' mind which is already crowded. And they will always want more, not just to be forever, but have everything, the power, the money, the propriety, people who don't own those things themselves search for the ones who do to parasitize on their behalf. I liked that movie. It was crawling with small personas in need to be meaningful using their manipulation skills. Isn't it just like the real life?
I'm not a fan. But it's the only way to publish a review. So fuck it. My impression after experiencing that particular motion picture: What a waste of time and money. Both for the creators and for the audience. I myself haven't paid to watch it, at least that one is comforting. I'm going to simply state the truth - it was boring. Seriously. Pretense at humor and dialogues fits minds of children under twelve, but some harmless fighting scene restricted them from watching the film. No logic. Also that scene of the final battle wasn't that impressive and at all disturbing. No blood for starters. It's quite inappropriate to call breaking of statues a gore. Also, a admit that if it was indeed a a real event, I wouldn't the so disappointed. But no. Of course it was a stupid vision. Of course all good guys and bad for that matter remained alive and happy. How cute. And now my mind will be forever polluted by unimaginative plot, corny lines and feelings and Kristen Stuart' untouched by intelligence face with drunk heavy eyes an a constantly opened mouth. Cool.
Oh my god, all political commercials were hilarious, especially the one stating that all people with facial hair must be terrorists. And all the people' confessions of their ridiculous secrets were quite funny too. Also the short scene with the pugs watching outside the window punched me in the feels as much as those baby and dog were punched in their jaws. And is it weird that I actually find Huggins family' idea of a entertaining night together, I don't know, entertaining?.. Because I do. P. S. : Women. Cheat on men and blame them for that since forever. P. P. S. : Doors. Kill dramatic entrance/exit and give you a real challenge. P. P. P. S. (yes, I did that) : That kiss. Enough said.
Okay. Something is not right. I smell a paradox. If the kid never going to become evil then all events of the film wouldn't be the same and therefore wouldn't lead to its culmination, and without that culmination the kid will indeed become evil and then... Okay. It's a loop. Also, for some reason I thought that the moment in the beginning, when that dude was kicked in the head by an opening door, was unexpected and priceless. Overall, I think I liked the movie. There were times when I was honestly bored but I didn't let them discourage me. So it was a good one time ride. Kudos for general idea and subtle visual effects. The shooting scenes were tacky though.
It's a good movie aimed to mindlessly entertain. It was predictable of course, but funny and sad in bits and done very harmonically. For me it was easy and interesting to watch and sometimes it's all that really matters. The only thing that bugged be was Spider-Man' inability to create his own web. It's just so impractical.
Well. I liked it. It was smart and interesting in some parts. And can't forget to mention definitely amazing graphics. But I really, and I mean really, don't want to think about Alien's blood line. God, it's so messed up. No thing can become normal and not a freaking killing machine when it has a parentage like this. Just... No.
Definitely liked it. Unpredictable dynamic films always get me hooked. And I appreciate how they started all those cliche lines and actions only to crash them with funny stuff and bloody murder, which is also kind of fun. Right. It was quite enjoyable one-time ride.
I liked it. There weren't any really big plot twists but it's forgivable because of the open ending and obvious need of continuation. It was realistic, absurdly callous and cruel in bits that are not actually the scenes of murders. Good example of how physical aggression driven by the simple and animalistic need to survive is nothing in comparison of the real bloodthirsty evilness of those who enjoy to watch or simply doesn't care.
It's strangely realistic and impressive, 'specially for the very beginning of the twenty first century. I think this trilogy is a classic example of the perfect incorporation of all its genre. It's not childish in any ways, actually, it's a pretty serious, challenging and gruesome work. And it gives you this strange feeling, like just by watching it you become a part of something big and meaningful. More so it has a complex spiritual concept and creates with it an incredible and exciting atmosphere. I liked it when I was a child and I don't doubt, not even for a second, that I will like it when I'm old and possibly boring and/or mentally ill. It's 'that' kind of movie. Af all times and for all ages.
Well, the second watching of this film has left me in the mood to write another insignificant review. I also realizied that apparently I can't apply two different reviews and need to edit the old one in order to add my new thoughts and impressions. I'll do just that. Bear with me. I'm starting with a cliché conclusion. God do I love this movie. As much as the two previous ones. And I can't and won't pick the favorite because they only make the complete sense together.  The obvious reason why I'm so drown to this particular franchise includes four factors, not even one of which is obsession with comic books. The thing is I'm a sucker for innovative gadgets, good fighting and witty dialogues. And inspiring stories. It's that simple. There were many phrases that I liked but I decided to pay a special attention just to a random couple of them.  'Anybody can be Batman'. Yes, if that 'anybody' also happens to be a billionaire with an ingenious scientist as an employee.  'Suffering builds the character'. With that I concur immensely. It's a rare kind of an action movie which is profound and thoughtful. Like one big complicated constructor, it includes many different pieces, sometimes even conflicting parts, but in the end they all fit together perfectly. One side of it is sombre and elegant, when the other is wild and agonizing. All movie is created by contrasts and feels accordingly like a vicious frost burn. I had great expectations about this film and surprisingly wasn't at all disappointed. Usually I don't like open endings with no chance whatsoever for the explaining continuation. Questions exist to be answered. But I was strangely content with how this exceptional trilogy was closed. The title is only suitable. It's about rising, awakening, new beginnings, not about the end - happy or otherwise. Frankly, I could have saved all those words and simply said instead that I'm a fan because I was impressed by the work that was made to be impressing. But I decided not to.
Okay, that was creepy as fuck. But too simple, without extra plot twist and some layers of clever intrigue. Nevertheless points for the chilliness.
That's definitely not your average entertaining super-hero movie. It's smart, intense and it has this strange atmosphere of excitement and calm melancholy in the same time. I truly adore it.
It's the first part of an unquestionable masterpiece. Never thought that a film about the man dressed like a giant bat can be so serious and profound.
Good beginning of a very special franchise. They all will always have a place in my disturbing mind.
God, that picture in the place of the poster is fun... The movie is fun too, obviously. I always liked superhero movies because I'm secretly infantile. And there're always some shocked people which I like for some reason.
It's a rare thing when words can be as dynamic as actions or even more so. This film is full of good sarcastic humor and you really don't need to be a fan or a simple user of the facebook to enjoy it.
Not only this film was about inception, it was actually an inception itself. You just can't not be infected with the idea of how clever and unique it really is.
I like it because it's overwhelmingly intense and unpredictable.