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Hi, I'm on Tunerfish!
is a fan of 1423 tv shows, 1150 movies, 38 web videos and 10 other videos
TV Shows
Tunerfish doesnt have all her specials, strong black woman
Women on death row
This is hysterical never thought anyone could make the jersey shore group look like they have it together these people are embarassing not just bostonians, but mass.too
How funny never missed an ep forgot to fan it lol
Terrific show ,Happy easter ;)
Mmmnn Oliver
Thanks BBCA another gift
I can't believe I haven't fanned This before I've watched it enough that i got one of the old awards for it ,funny
THIS SHOW is very good,but alot like cult
Watch This every day
Old Its called jersey shore shark attack on fx too BAD its not eating the cast LMAO
Some ass on east coast decided to tell us on the west coast who won ASSHAT
Great show,hes funny in this,liked the ep. With the lady that had her " own" town,but had problems,so Larry called the local radio station an hour 1000 s of people came with supplies and filled potholes,fixed roofs it was a tear jerker to see all these people come together and help out and WANT Nothing in return.amazing
Have a george stuffy with a mini george book was gift from very good friend
Leave it to betty good for her
Cool now I wish they'd show Britain and Australia and Brazil too
If you watch dwts whats gavin famous for? Who is he besides voted off LOL
On ovation channel now!!!!!
So cool
El paso
47th,but tunerfish only goes to 45
GOT to watch last nights I dvrd it
Never miss it,funny SHOW
Hahahahahahaha I LOVE THIS SHOW,thought THEY took it off,guess was on break,yyyaaaayyy
Loved when darrell hammon did him on snl sucks he left all those great characters,he could do almost anyone (male),spot on
I compleatly forgot,about THIS,SHOW Hahahahahahahaha
Great movie Good show
Love this she's like an american Traci ullman,or Catherine tate.
I met hin when he was only 18 yrs old i worked at the comedy store in Hollywood when I was pregnant with my daughter and he wanted to sleep with a pregnant woman,he used to hit me up all the time LOL
Love the new show with old people punking the young leave it to Betty
Barnabus rules best vamp ever lol
Finally, theres two eps left,& they Finally put it in here.
Oh yea louisana boss "deep pockets", killed him for not keeping his promise and cause of bobby.joe made ALL THE KENNEDY MONEY FROM BOOTLEGGING....you think he juat walked away and never looked back.not likley
Im not a huge "porn fan",regardless of what i just fanned LOL,but her i adore,shes Just so cute,she makes porn look like milk and cookies in your BEHIND,Still she just has a sweetness about her...
Like it now with mario
Love this
Amazing what these guys can do with a hair folical from the early part of the 1970's,solve 30,40,50,even saw one 60yrs ago. Evidence.
It was aright but devido made it rock and don't know his name, but he actually gained 50-75 lbs, said when he was working out all the time and buff people didnt take him seriously her didn't get the good humor lines, so on break like season 3,4he gained 50 lbs he thought it would be funny, now he's put on even more,like 75 lbs he looks terrible but he thinks its funny I think it wont be gunny when he has a freekin heartatche or gets diabetees high bloodpressure, and curious last time he saw his penis or feet how sect but hey he's funny lol
Anything with riki gervase And Stephen merchant ,has to he funny
Suit up !!! Hahahahahahaha
Awesome show dreda is a bad ass,but rene is the one to keep on her Good side she'll call junior or daddy If you screw with her ,but Karen's got a mouth, and crap the brunette what's her name(and I like her best LOL), oh carla that's it she's pretty fisty But those accents,and mink coats LOL.stereotype much?I am surprised they're getting away with it.especially rene and carla.real mob daughters,karens dad ratted so there's Nothing she can say people don't already know.
Gordon ramsey IS the rockstar of food. The MAN knows his stuff
Love this never miss the British version of leverage sort of much sexier and Robert Vaughn.
Great concert, I worked at the comedy store in Hollywood when he was starting out got to see some of his very early sets he was so young well so was I LMAO
Used to watch with my godson he loved this show.:(
Hahahahaha people act so dumb in jail like being an ass will make cops say oh I'M sorry you can go your special my bad. DUH LMAO
Crypt keeper is to cool
One of the best cartoons ever love "the moth "
Maybe one of my favorite shows on right now( there's too many), thank the gods for dvr's, lol
Love British version, funny now alot( Ryan, colin ),are on BBC show, the American copy very funny too Wayne Brady is just amazing...
Absolutely huge fan original and newer versions
Love all the background on the people they feature and ya the dirt, sorry I'M a bad person
I miss joe the homicide detective who's picture is in the advert for the show, but he was promoted the last episode they showed Miami in season 1,he's gone from the show now, he was such a great cop and good for the show
Love it claymation kicks butt, love the announcers LMAO
Now this is hilarious
This show is cool, funny how famous people talk about their encounters, almost like there reading a script lol, but ya know Hollywood has to be seriously haunted
I thought they took this of the air, so glad it's back, Christian Slater Is hysterical In this
Love this, HBO has some great series, I hardly watch it for movies anymore, with in demand, fervid,Netflix, blockbuster, etc u can get movies a couple months after there released in the theatre, so why wait 6 months, or more a year to see a movie on hbo. They need to step up there game, they used to be the only place to see good movies without paying high rental fees and on the same time schedule with releases, but now, there WAY behind. Zane
Funny, but liked him better In next Friday with ice cube
Another great BBC hit
Can't help it guilty stoner humors funny sometimes lol
Salyma heyak hit the jackpot with this show to bad it's only in reruns now wonder why ABC canceled it?
Great show wish it was still on
I watched it Sunday too sis, forgot to check In lol Xo zane
I never new Just how dangerous a boarder guards job was ive found a whole new respect for these men and women
An oldie, but s goody. I. Forgot how silly these shows from the 70's were lol
Very real look at addicts and dealers their families etc.from around the world and no drug is taboo on this they delve into all kinds, and ones never heard of or considered a drug or addictive very eye opening.
I just dvrd it looks really good let's u know In the morning goodnight My tv family
Hahahahahah jackass for everyone it's America funniest home videos but people doing really dumb things to get a world record in guiness book rofl. Wow people are just sad for fame lmao
Don cheadle is amazing in this
I think I'm really going to like this show
Like her better on this, than "without a trace "also like her better as a red head, the blonde made her look like everyother actress out there
British television is so much funnier than American, if we here in the states could get all the BBC channels, not just bbc America, I'd probably not watch very many American tv shows, were finally getting some really good shows( on regular tv),not counting cable shows& movies, but the Brits have had great shows for a very long time. This show is just another example
In the top 5funniest British shows that we get in usa
Been watching for 12 seasons
Amazing show surprised a network had the guts to put this show on the air
All three seasons amazing under appreciated show
Dvrd it they showed three back to back cool
Ok I really want to see this how you drive in a burka lol, things that make you go hmmmmm lol
I just on demanded it with two others LOL can't wait to see it
Nice wish us,average humans could pull out a curse sometimes LOL
The look,the secret weapon BAAWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Cannot believe I haven't fan'd This before LOL
So Awesome
Best movie bradley cooper has come a very long way from alias now hangoverIII, back in Vegas way to end it full circle
Ok so not baseball,but im at movies watching new movie TED & tunerfish does not have IT How lame doesnt have four other new movies i thing they all Just want home the fish dont care anymore no more new awards Nothing lame
So very good
WOW saw this in primary school LOL now I feel old LMAO
I love this movie,used to watch all the time,have to watch again VERY soon
This movie is so sad those poor little boys don't understand why they have to play in secret and the end took a piece of my soul I couldnt stop crying such an amazing movie I'm gonna watch it have dvd Thank you for reminding me
Tunerfish doesnt have it listed Its la riots and hip hop on vh1
Such a great movie should win awards
LOVE Jackie chan,saw this when it came out with my brother a long time ago LOL great fight scenes he's Actually wearing a cast painted to look like his tennis shoe in one scene,guys hardcore,I like he puts the outtakes at the end of all his movies so you can see just what they went thru to get a shot OR Just how dangerous it is.
Is that alice cooper?
awesome movie,cult CLASSIC
No kidding
GREAT MOVIE LOVE when hes stuck in the floor all day and half THe night LOL two weeks Haha
Awesome movie,that kids,amazing hes in three other movies with donny depp,aaah,darn ,cant think of his name hes like 16-17 now.freddie highmoore haaa thats it
Ahh its there looks interesting
This movie kicks ass!!!!!!
Suicide is painless
He was Just SOOO amazing talented,& I can hear the booos ,but hr AND yoko personally answered their/his fan mail,pretty amazing for someone as FAMOUS as he was....... I would love to get my hands on a piece of that.....Put my kid thru colleges,but a Hope,car,take care of my family,mom bro,etc. & Still have $ left for bank .. could you "Imagine"
Love these LOL
Morning,good Morning, its great to stay up later
Hi,you get me a baby,now they GOT sore n they can handle.its for the family unit
Wow i cant believe you found this.
Love the thriller dance scene