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mother of 1 grown daughter and a pug and a chuhuahua girls
is a fan of 243 tv shows, 81 movies and 1 web video
TV Shows
Why dos this sound like Castle, The mentalist, bones ect, ect
ok take other down
good show
love it its like first CSI
wash ups and never bens talking about dumb people
nicki heat
web of lies
fish and chips
a watery grave
school shootings
good food and funny
johns wached his games
the last suduction
this show is crazy
been awhile
like this
Looks good
this don't make no damn sense
Moms get blamed for everything
I like the idea of helping people, people that have been cheated
Cure for being gay ?
where are all the people going?
I love meryl streep
His poor mother ,all there mothers
fat bastard
interesting show
Same subject
So hard when that's all you know
Dirty tricks of hatfields started the whole thing
Lust and murder the makings of great show
A broken penis a lady with tumers
Barbra Walters makes me sick
Missing Monica Boeing
Good show
No rehab
Thin ice
Good show
Synthetic Human blood
Drinking gas & eating news paper,drinking gasoline
Sick disgusting bsstards
I think David did or someone else did. He did not comet suicide.
Both giving him grief
Good show
Internet murder
What's up with her
Episode 4
Good shows
This ones for jack
Pulling strigs
Sleeping beauty
The sit down
The longest day
All kinds of music
Atomic dog
Murder in paradise
#IDaddicts husbands & wives
Episode 2
Love this show
Love forensic files
Unforgivable fathers
Really !
Her and run dragged the lady he ran over all the way home
Murder & rape of a 85 year old lady,female child molester,cell store robery
Escape from Turkey
A boulevard and a surge protector
Finds runaways
Sometimes I feel sorry for you
Cut to the chase
Baptism by fire
Love and lies man abandoned his wife and 3 children
American holiday tradition
Golden parachute
Little Bo peep
The sausage king
They are unique
True north
Spring Breakout
What some women will do
Nut cases murdering each other
Looks can kill
Good shows
Holding. Cell
Close call
Boston mass.
Person of the year
This looks good so far
Love great women in strong roles
love theses crazy guys
Up way too early
the isolation permutation
plan to watch
crime drama!
the view on food
I love Alton Browns gadgets and the history and science
Love this show
I love this show I hope they dont mess with it like they did law & order
Dr. king Folks like its the Ok coral!
Ancient Alien episode 27
cant wait to see what the coffee addiction is all about
Solved episode 28 betrayed
watching today show
murdeing ant easy
when does this come on I cant find it (48 hurs live to tell)
episode 44
this is a bout joan the female pope
cant wait for new season!
LOve this woman
I like this show but I hate how those men treat her
check it out !
cant find what im watching
sounds interesting
men attacked by jellyfish
I think I have seen every one of these
I love this show is it canceled?
tough girl
I love crime drama
twisted ties
old 80's one
tom again
what the heck woman running down thre road naked
didnt see all of it but intend to watch it all it looks good
crazy stupid
I Like betrayal movies
Gangsta movies are the best
This this is crazy
so sorry for what happened to the people
Well this was good
The right stuff
Rich people
Ok movie
Just started
Little slow
End of the world
Omg so sad
Lord Cuba gooding jr
I think that's what happened I thought things were gonna be like a corny 80’s movie .Boy was I wrong
I miss Miami still
Payback is a bitch
Wow what a ride
Old Gweneth who knew
Cute little movie
Crazy people
Good and scary
Just started
Bella plays to any damn games
Bella makes me sick
Hell of a ride
Crazy days da
Great movie
Tripped out movie
So sad and tragic
Super fine
Crazy movie
I remember. This
Color is foid
Old movies
Relative. Matters 12/12/11
looked like the real 1930's and 40's look in my mind
Got it
"Sin by Silence " episode one Shame on those who let this go on and then blame the women
I Like heroes and movies that use the Bible interesting ways ... almost like denominations
Web Videos