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Irene has watched The Walking Dead.
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  • Irene was watching The Walking Dead.
    2 years ago via iPhone
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    Season 2 Episode 12 (The moral is if you don't want to be betrayed by someone, betray that someone first).
    2 years ago
    That's cool. Did they try to teach you some Russian?
    2 years ago
    Yep but my pronounciation is not very good and i only understand every couple words i did buy a russian for dummies and a serious book though it helps next i want to learn to read it i think once i get the pronounciation it will be much easier to read and instead of saying i cooked the cat ill be able to say i baked a cake LOL my fav thing russian is food ,borche , guluptzi,homade cottage cheese oh see now ive gotta eat i made myself hungry ,ill be back ROFLOL xx,zane
    2 years ago
    Lol)))) It will never be not funny how people associate with Russians their traditional food or some very stupid things like bears and balalaikas. And vodka. And I really hate borche and guluptzi. And I would never learn how to write Russian words not in Cyrillic. And my pronounce of English is bad too. I would have been so ashamed if I have to speak and not write. But I still feel uncomfortable because I'm pedantic and obsessed with grammar and knowing that I make all these mistakes really annoys me. And now I will stop typing because I'm seriously one step from starting to pull my hair out.
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